“JOE BELL” – Goal-oriented, penny-pinching hermit who sets out on his hero’s journey. He encounters a variety of peculiar characters during a series of odd errands to find the McGuffin.

“ABBEY” – Fiery, redheaded archaeologist. She’s the process-oriented love interest of Joe.

“JIM” – Masked villain pushed into a life of crime by the frustrations of life.

“STRIDER” – A mixture of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Aragorn…at least in his own mind. He’s Joe’s mentor & foam sword trainer.

“HEATH” – The coolest nerd around and Joe’s techie sidekick.

“THE BAKER” – quirky confectioner, grandmother of Abbey, and all around badass.

“KEVIN” – Oblivious, corndog-loving stargazer. By chance, he becomes an integral part of Joe’s journey.

“RICARDO” – Unwittingly becomes entwined in Joe’s journey and just wants to go back to sleep.

“HOSTESS” – The always classy host of the ball. Superhero by night.

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